Be Sensitive to My Voice

Be sensitive to My voice on the inside of you, and the leading of My Spirit, says the LORD. I will give you a gentle nudge, and not a push. You must pay attention to the seemingly subtle work of My Spirit in you. For I want to lead you continually as you choose to walk in My will, walk in My Word, walk in My Spirit and My light that I give you continually, says the LORD.

It is not difficult, for I have not given you an obstacle course, says the LORD. It is a straight and narrow path, and it is right in front of you. You need not focus on what is behind you, for I Am your rear guard. I have your back. Do not look to the left or the right, for every crossroad you encounter will have a plain and straight path forward. You will not need to wonder if you should turn to the left or right. JUST follow ME, as I direct your now steps, and know that and your future is in My hands. Let My voice be what leads you into all truth, and wait on My instructions without your rushing ahead without My leadership. You will finish well as you hear and obey and follow the prompting of MY Spirit and know that I will be with you always, says the LORD.

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