Believe and Receive

Whatever you need, I will supply it, says the LORD. Wherever you are, I AM. Whatever you ask of Me, if you believe, you will receive. There is NOTHING that is difficult for Me. I created all things, and you have yet to discover even a fraction of what I have spoken into existence. So your needs are very small. I can and I will, if you will believe, says the LORD.

What will you believe Me for? Can you take the limits off your faith in ME, and trust Me for the impossible? For there is no such thing as “impossible” in My vocabulary. What is difficult for you is very simple for me, and there is NO LIMIT to My power and ability. I Am unsurpassed, and I care about everything that concerns you. TRY ME! KNOW that I will do great and mighty things in your midst, and you will see miracles and signs and wonders that will astound you, as you simply BELIEVE on Me and My great name, says the LORD.

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