Believe! Stand! Trust!

  Don’t allow your disappointments to dictate what you do today, says the LORD. Let your thoughts be on a positive and powerful future that I have ordained for you. Your difficulties will not destroy you, but strengthen you. You will not be defeated if you refuse to quit. You cannot be overcome, but you will overcome! I have given

Wait On ME to Act

Wait on Me to act in your behalf and trust that I will grant you the desires of your heart, and answer your petitions that you have cried out to Me for, says the LORD. As you entrust Me with everything that is concerning you and those you love, then REST in that living Hope that you KNOW that I

Attend Unto My Word and it Will Become You

Attend unto My Word, and it will BECOME you, says the LORD. For as you feast on My Word, you will become fat and full of My bread of life that will more than sustain you. You will be full of blessings, contentment, and furnished unto every good work that I have ordained for your life. I AM your life,

There Will Be a Performance of What You Believe Me For

There will be a performance of those things that you have believed Me for, says the LORD. HOLD FAST to your confession of faith, and remain fixed in your living hope that will produce exactly what you believe, confess and refuse to give up, says the LORD. There is no room for mediation and compromise, for My Word is precise

Precious, Priceless, Powerful, Productive, Progressive Promises

My promises are precious, priceless, powerful, productive and progressive, says the LORD. They are for YOU! I have no favorites, and all that I have spoken, all that I have given, all that I have provided is for YOUR benefit. I daily load you with BENEFITS, not burdens. I will give you the increase, not the decrease. I will pour

Declare My Word Into Your Situations

Declare My powerful, penetrating, life-giving, infallible Word into every one of your situations, and watch Me perform it in every time, says the LORD. My Word is not hit and miss, or guess work. KNOW what you believe, and speak it boldly, confidently, and refuse to bow, bend and kneel to your difficult circumstances. They will bow to you, as

I Will Give You More Than Enough!

I own the earth. I own the silver and the gold. I own the cattle on a thousand hills. I own the hills, the valleys, and Am the ONE who controls what I own, says the LORD. Nothing is impossible with Me, and nothing is beyond Me. I will give you everything that you need, grant every desire of your

Daily Devotional: You Will Perform Your Word

Thank you, Lord, that as I embrace your promises for myself and take you at your Word, there will be a performance of those things that I believe you will do in my life and those I entrust to your care. What you have spoken, you will do, for your Words are spirit and life in Me, around me, and

Listen to My GOOD NEWS!

Resist the bad news that you are hearing, and LISTEN to MY GOOD NEWS, says the LORD. The negative voices that always bring fear and uncertainty are not assigned by Me. I Am not sending them to you. The enemy has, so that you will be depressed, distraught, and confused. Don’t align your thinking with the fearful and the unbelieving,

I Am the Great Physician

I Am the Great Physician, says the LORD. I don’t practice medicine, I Am the cure. I Am the Living God, the LIVING Word, and it is penetrating, life giving, healing, delivering, restoring, renewing, strengthening, and empowering. There is no guess work with Me. My understanding is infinite, and My power is unsurpassed. You can totally trust in My care