I want you to be a carrier of MY glory, as I cloak you with it, says the Lord. I will mantle you with My grace and glory as you cast your burdens upon Me that you have been carrying. You cannot carry both. As you yoke up with Me and I am the One Who sustains you, I will become your total covering. I will take on your complete care as well, and you will be unburdened and lighthearted, says the LORD.

As you relinquish your burdens to Me, your hands will be free to do what I have created you to do, without the heaviness that the cares of this life have imposed on you, says the LORD. They only distract you and weigh you down. You will be clad with the garment of praise that is not binding, but liberating, as you relinquish the heavy load to Me, and take on My light burden. I will give you rest that remains for you, and you will be free to fully serve Me, as you are linked with Me, and relinquish the reins to Me, says the LORD.

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