Daily Devotional: Rest

Thank you, Lord that all of your mighty Works were finished before the foundation of the world. You have decreed. You have declared. You have ordained. You have predestined, and all of that has been recorded in heaven and will be accomplished on earth. My destiny is ordained of GOD Who is infallible. Your works will unfold as your Word

Wait On ME to Act

Wait on Me to act in your behalf and trust that I will grant you the desires of your heart, and answer your petitions that you have cried out to Me for, says the LORD. As you entrust Me with everything that is concerning you and those you love, then REST in that living Hope that you KNOW that I

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

I will strengthen, help, and uphold you with My Own righteous, holy hand, says the LORD. You will not fall nor fail, for I will keep you sure footed and steady on your feet. You can relax and enjoy the journey as you link up with Me, and cast your burdens and concerns onto Me. You will not have to

Daily Devotional: Peace, Rest, Sleep

,Thank you, Lord, that you give us sweet peace, and we can rest in you, knowing that you are with us, keeping us, blessing us. We can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are guarding us, keeping us safe, and all is well, because we are your children that you take care of meticulously and constantly. Amen.

Do Not Fear Anything or Anyone

Don’t fear the unknown, says the LORD. Do not fear the known! Do not fear anything or anyone. Just Make Me your fear, as I Am the Sovereign, and I Am with you, on your side, on task, on time and never forgetful of you. You will never need to fear the enemy even when he rages against you. Do

Be Quiet and Rest in My Presence

Be quiet and rest in My presence, says the LORD. For I Am in the midst of you. I Am in the midst of the storms that you are in and I will be present in the sudden storms that you did not even anticipate. I have it. I have you. I Am your place of security at all times,

Daily Devotional: Provision, Peace and Rest

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a beautiful, plush, green pasture, where I can enjoy your provision in your presence every day. You provide me with a safe and quiet place of rest for my body, soul and spirit. You quiet my troubling thoughts fears as I make you My trust. I have peace, for you are with Me to

Daily Devotional: I Can Rest in Hope

Thank you, Lord, for being with me constantly. I Am never alone, but you are faithfully by my side, strengthening me, reassuring me, securing Me, and comforting Me. Therefore, My heart rejoices, and I am at rest in the hope that I have that you will meet every need that I have, and keep me safe. Amen

I Will Attend Onto You

I know every beat of your heart, says the LORD. I, Who numbered the hairs on your head did not think that little detail was insignificant. I also know the number of the cells in your body. I know everything about you. Since I have taken much interest in the tiny details, how much more will I attend to the

Daily Devotional: God is in the Midst of You

I thank you, Lord, that you are in the midst of Me, and in the center of all My circumstances, to save me by your mighty power. You rejoice over me, because I am your beloved child that you have redeemed and positioned Me in your family. Your love brings me rest and quietness in any conflict, as you sing