Enter Into My Rest

Enter into my rest, says the LORD. For I give you rest as you relax in My promises that are infallible, and undefeatable. I will make them happen all by Myself, and you need not try to do it. I Am the Sovereign, and you must entrust all to Me. For though others have failed you and disappointed you and

Unburden Yourself

Unburden yourself, as you hurl your burdens upon Me, says the LORD. Do not wait for the overload, to give them to me. For I do not want you to carry them. I do not want you bogged down and under a heavy load. I will bear all of them, if you will allow Me to. Yoke up with Me,

I Am Only GOOD to You

You do not need to forgive Me, for I have never sinned against you, says the LORD. I have only done you good all the days of your life. Do not judge me or blame Me for the diabolic works of the enemy. Do not attribute your trials and test to Me, Who did not author them, devise them, or

I Will Still the Raging Storms Within!

     I will still the storms that are raging within you, and give you My peace, says the Lord.  For I will calm your fears and refresh you as you turn your attention toward Me.  For troubling thoughts that plague your mind and cause you to fret are not your portion from Me.  My kingdom is within you, and it

Enter into My Rest

Enter into My rest that remains for you, says the LORD. It is always there for you in My presence, regardless of your environs. It remains, unchanged even in changing times and circumstances. I Am your stability when everything is shaking around you, everything us unstable, everything is changing. I do not change, and My rest that I have for

Sanctuary of Rest

I am a sanctuary of rest for you, says the Lord. You are safe and secure in Me at all times, regardless of the violent winds of adversity and the raging storms of life that come against you suddenly and unexpectedly. I will shield you and protect you and keep you day and night. For I Am bigger than the

Come Into My Rest

Come into My rest that I have for you, says the LORD. I do not want you bogged down with the cares of your life. I did not give you a prescription for trouble and sorrow. I did not weigh you down with burdens and troubles on every side. The enemy did. I have good things for you and I

Enter into My Rest


Enter into My rest that I have prepared for you and those who BELIEVE and RECEIVE it now, says the Lord. RUSH IN. THEN REST! Cease from your own labors! Stop and listen to My voice and silence your own and the roaring voice of the enemy. Quiet your fears! I did not give them to you, but I will

Times of Refreshing

The times of refreshing will come to you as you turn to Me with all of your heart and pursue Me with all of yourself, says the LORD. Turn around. Look intently upon ME, for I want your full attention. Do not look to the world for fulfillment, for you will never find it there. I Am longing for you

Perfect Rest

Come into My presence where you will find perfect rest and refreshing, says the LORD. You have become weary with the journey. Cease from trying so hard in your own strength to make things happen. I Am the way maker, because I AM the WAY! You can depend upon Me to do just what I said I would do. I