Cast All Your Insecurities Upon Me

Your frustrations and confusion are not from Me, says the LORD. I AM not the author of them, but I AM the finisher! I will rid you of the stress and worry and concerns that you have, as you place them upon ME, and let Me handle them. I will destroy the works of the enemy that is tormenting you with fear and self-doubt. Though you have faith in Me, I desire you to understand that I created you to be LIKE ME! Believe in what I have created you to be in ME. Doubts and fears that you will fail are never from Me, that cannot fail. Cast all those insecurities upon Me, and be loosed from the confusion and frustrations of the enemy, says the LORD.

I will give you everything you need to war against the enemy who is intimidating you, says the LORD. You are not to be under his foot or submit to His false authority. He is not your boss, and you do not have to surrender to the threats and manipulations that he subtly uses against you. I have Made you to be bold and strong, and you are to tread upon the enemy and conquer the land. I will fight with you, and no power can defeat you, because I Am with you always to equip you and empower you to intimidate the enemy so that he flees from you. Your victory in Me is assured, as you trust in Me and believe that you are My offspring that is empowered to defeat the enemy and possess the land of your promise, says the LORD.

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