Cleansed, Whole and Sanctiied

I will never fail you. I will never forget you. I will never abuse you, accuse you or condemn you, says the Lord. It is the enemy that robs you of your joy and peace that I have given you. It is the enemy that assaults you and is endeavoring to steal your confidence in Me and My finished Work on the cross for you. Don’t listen to his condemnation and accusations, for you are cleansed, you are whole, you are sanctified by My Spirit and My blood that was shed for you. Place your faith in Me and do not entertain the words of the enemy that only destroy your peace, and unsettle you and distract you, says the LORD.

Do not look upon sin and failure, but look onto Me, the author and finisher of your faith. Look at My redemption and Salvation that comes from what I purchased for you by My own blood that was shed for you. When I said, “It is finished,” it is. You cannot add or take away from what I have already accomplished for you by your own merit or works. Do not lean upon your thoughts and feelings and understanding, but trust in Me at all times, and that includes the here and now as well as yesterday, tomorrow and forever. says the LORD.

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