Come near to Me, says the LORD. Not only are you welcome in My presence, but I long for fellowship and intimacy with you. I love to hear YOUR voice, and desire to have sweet communion with you. You are a priority and primary concern of mine, as I watch over you constantly. You are never out of My sight, and never rejected. I love you, want you, and value you greatly. Spend time with Me and just sit in My presence. You do not even have to speak. I will give you comfort and soothe every one of your wounds, says the LORD.

I Am aware of every thought of yours and every fear, says the LORD. I know you, and the moment you cry out to ME, I respond. I will never ignore you. I will always answer you and come to your rescue every time you call upon My name. You are not a burden to Me, but a blessing. I will give you everything that you need, and fill you with My joy as you come into My presence, unburden yourself as you rest in ME, says the LORD.

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