Declare My Marvelous Works

Lift up your voice like a trumpet, says the LORD. Let the sound of your praise and worship be heard! Let your voice declare My marvelous Works, and let My Word be broadcast! For I Am Mighty King, and My WORKS are to be known and published, not hid in a corner. Speak and declare what I have done for you. Testify of My goodness and mercy for you in the land of the living. I have done great things for you, and you need to proclaim it. Praise Me for What I have given you, and Worship Me with all of your heart and strength, says the LORD, says the LORD.

I have poured out My blessings upon you and given you great grace, says the LORD. I have brought you out of bondage and loosed the chains from you and set you at liberty. You are not bound, but free. I have daily loaded you with benefits and provided for you again and again and again. I have sustained you and brought through many trials and delivered you from many afflictions. Let your voice of thanksgiving and prays be heard in My presence, before innumerable angels, for I have given you life that is abundant, unspeakable gifts and have preserved you when you have come in and gone out. Tell the wonderful stories of how I have made a way for you when there was none, made a way of escape when you were hedged in, and provided for you all the days of your life. Let your voice be heard as you shout for joy, and give me praise and honor that is due My holy name, says the LORD.

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