I Am Singing Over You

As you sing My praises and worship Me from the depths of your heart, do you realize that I Am singing your praises? You are the work of My hands, and I AM PLEASED with MY WORK, and have declared that it is GOOD. The heavenly host sing unto Me praises, and they also sing yours, for they see the

Daily Devotional: Faithful and True

Lord, I thank you that you are always faithful and true to Me. I exalt your holy name and praise you for your wonderful works in My life and among your people. You are my wise counselor, leading me, instructing me, and giving me an enlightened path to walk upon. Thank you for your marvelous works in My life, and

Daily Devotional: Mourning Into Dancing

Thank you, Lord, that you will turn my mourning into dancing. You will removed the dark, bleak garments of sorrow, and clothe me with joy and gladness. My heart will sing praises onto you, and be thankful to you forever, for you will answer my prayers, and meet all my need as I place my trust in you. Amen.

Be Thankful

Be thankful, says the LORD. Every good thing that you have has come from Me. I have given you life. I have given you a living hope. I have given you good things to enjoy. I have given My life for you, so that you can be part of My kingdom that is without end. I have given you unspeakable

Calm Down When Things Seem Out of Control

I do not want you in a frenzy, says the LORD. Calm down when things seem out of control for you. Remember that I Am with you, and NOTHING is out of MY control, and nothing escapes my knowledge and awareness. I KNOW what is going on in the world. I see it all. I understand your concerns and care

Daily Devotional: Mercy and Truth

Thank you Lord, for your mercy that is from generation to generation that you have given me in my life and family and all those I love and entrust to your care. Though we have seen troubles and gone through many trials, you remain the same: faithful and true. The truth of your Word is everlasting, and you will Keep

Daily Devotional: Chains Broken

Thank you, Lord, for bringing me out of darkness that could even be felt, and translating me into your eternal kingdom of marvelous light. You have broken the chains of the enemy that had kept me in bondage. You are My healer and deliverer, my Savior and Lord, and I trust in you to yet deliver and heal me, as

Tear Down Those Strongholds

Get ready for a new approach in a new day that I have created for you, says the LORD. Do away with the depressive thoughts and shun the fears. Put on the garment of praise, for this is a conquering day. This is the day that the enemy forces are turning back. I have empowered you to chase after the

Daily Devotional: God Has Done Marvelous Things

Our hearts will be filled with songs of thanksgiving and praise when we think of the marvelous things that you have done for us continually. You have wrought the victory for us by your own righteous hand and holy arm. You have given us the gift of salvation, and the nations rejoice with us in your great love. Thank you,



Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, says the LORD. It is time to sing! It is time to praise! It is time to worship! It is time to be thankful for all that I Am in your life. I Am the GOD of breakthrough. Sing and make melody in your heart to Me NOW! For as you do, the atmosphere around you will