Expect Your Breakthrough

Prepare a habitation for Me by your continual praise and thanks giving onto Me, says the LORD.  For I inhabit your praise.  Worship Me joyfully and sing onto ME!  Your environs will change!  The darkness will give way to My light that is in you, and comes forth from you in true, heartfelt worship!  The enemy will run from you, and the atmosphere around you will be charged with My presence and power, says the LORD.

Let a joyful sound fill the air, as you lift up your voice like a trumpet, and proclaim that I Am Your GOD, that cannot and will not fail, says the LORD. Your profession of faith in Me is not your silent thoughts, but what comes forth from your mouth.  Confess My name!  Proclaim My Word!  Sing My praises!  Let your prayers become fervent, and your praise become powerful.  Turn it on and turn it up, and expect your breakthrough and expect your miracle as you worship Me in spirit and truth, with all of your heart, says the LORD.

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