You can rely upon Me. Says the LORD, for I will never fail you. I will never turn My back on you, and I will never abandon you, even though others may. I cannot. Nor can I change. My love for you is constant and will not be altered by circumstances that assail you. I will be faithfully by your side, no matter what happens! You can depend upon Me. For good times and bad times are never going to alter My care for you or distance Me from you. I will be with you always, and you are never alone. I will help you and comfort you and give you the strength that you need to endure anything that comes your way, says the LORD.

I will abide, says the LORD. You can withstand the storms of this life as you trust in Me and My presence with you. I Am your keeper, night and day, and I will enable you to endure hardness as a good soldier in Me, as I strengthen you, help you and empower you to overcome any trial and temptation that comes your way, as I remain faithfully by your side, says the LORD.

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