path to godI always finish what I have begun, and you are to follow My example in all things, says the LORD. FINISH what you have begun. COMPLETE what you started, for there are many who have begun a good work and abandoned it when it became difficult and the enemy fought against them. I want you to complete your course and keep the faith no matter what comes your way. Be ready to fight for what you believe and contend for the faith that you have in Me and My Kingdom. Stand up for righteousness, and do not conform to the world, says the LORD.

I have begun a good work in you, and I will complete it, says the LORD. Because I AM the Author, I AM also the finisher. I will complete your story and you also must be that written manuscript that is a living letter that is known and read by others. They will see your GOOD works and glorify Me. I will give you grace and glory to complete every assignment that I have called and equipped you to do, regardless of the opposition. Overcome the discouragement and fight against the attacks of the dark one. Be strong and courageous, for you must finish well. The end is better than the beginning when all ends well, regardless of the difficulties on the road. To end well, you must continue to walk in faith and trust in Me, and never give up, never give into the hands of the tempter, and never have unfinished business when it comes to the things I have called and equipped you to do. FINISH THIS RACE. You have a ways to go, so arise and work, for your labor in Me is not vain, and you must complete it, and do it well, says the LORD.

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