Focus on Your Blessings and Not Your Burdens

Consider all the daily blessings that I have given you, and do not focus on your troubles, says the LORD. For as each new day dawns, I have renewed My covenant with you, have poured out My love upon you, have renewed My vows to you, have given you daily manna, have protected you, have provided for you, have mantled you with My grace, have clothed you with My Salvation, have saturated you with My loving kindness, have renewed My compassion, have gifted you with new mercies, and have granted you eternal life in Me, says the LORD.

Focus on your blessings and not your burdens, says the LORD. Enjoy the benefits that I daily load you with and give Me praise rather than complaining about what you do not have. For I Am pleased with your praise and as you worship Me your strength will be renewed, your joy will be full and running over, and you will come out of depression and negative mind-sets that have disrupted your peace and interfered with your intimate fellowship with ME. You will come out of the troubles as you refocus on My goodness and ascend into My presence and glory as praise continually comes out of your mouth, says the LORD.

Come up out of that pit of despair and cast all your burdens upon Me so that I can carry them for you, says the LORD. Do NOT cast away your confidence in Me, but relinquish the controls of your life to Me and the better outcome will unfold, as you give Me your highest praise, your heartfelt worship, and devote yourself to Me, as I have given you unspeakable blessings that I have continually poured out into your life, says the LORD.

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