Forever, Unchanging Love

Forever is forever, says the LORD. I have forever cast your sins away from you, as you have asked Me to forgive you. I have cleansed you from all unrighteousness by My own blood that was shed for you. Because you have believed, you have received. What I have given you belongs to you. I have not begun a good work in you to leave it halfway done. I will complete what I have begun in you, as I perfect you by My Spirit, says the LORD.

My love for you is forever, unchanging and trustworthy, says the LORD. It is not circumstantial, for while you were yet a sinner, I loved you, gave My life for you, and paid the price in full for your redemption and salvation. You are precious and priceless to Me, and My workmanship. I have you in the palm of My hands, and no one can pluck you out. My grace is sufficient for you, and as you have walked with Me in your earthly sojourn, you will walk with Me in My kingdom as a forever finished work of My love for you and My grace, says the LORD.

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