Don’t Cast Away Your Confidence in Me

Don’t cast away your confidence in Me, says the LORD. I have never left you! I will not withhold My love from you, ever. You will never know a breach of contract with Me. I keep My promises, fulfill My Word, and finish My good works that I have begun. I will perfect that which concerns you, because I said

Daily Devotional: Light, Bright Path

Thank you, Lord, that you have justified us by your shed blood for us on Calvary. We trust in you as our Savior and LORD, and you enlighten our path that grows brighter and brighter, into the perfect day that you have prepared for us. We have perfect redemption, perfect healing, perfect deliverance, as you illuminate the path before us,

There Are Absolutes

There are absolutes, says the LORD. Not everything is flexible and pliable. I Am not. I do not fit into the culture or the ideals and ideas of others. I will not bend and kneel to the desires of others to please them. I do not compromise truth so that I can mediate and come to the middle of the

Daily Devotional: Every Good Gift Comes From God

We thank you, Lord, that you are the source of every good thing that we have been given, and all that you have done for us is perfect. You never change from day to day, and what you have done for us in the past, you will do again and again, because you are consistent in your love, your presence,

Your Life is in My Hands

Your life is in My hands, says the LORD. Can you think of a better and safer place that you could be? My hands have created you, and when I formed you in the womb of your mother and separated you from her as a live birth, not only did I record all your parts in My book, but I

Perfect Harmony, Order, Timing, Purpose

Don’t frustrate yourself with endless thoughts and questions about: who? What? When? Where? How? says the Lord. You will only think and speak yourself into depression. I know the answers, and I know you. My understanding is infinite, and I will lead and guide you, one step at a time. You will see on spot provision, surprising connections, and unexpected

My Vessels of Honor Will Be Glorious

Perfect is perfect, says the LORD. You cannot improve on it, for there is nothing missing, nothing better, nothing that can exceed what is flawless and without imperfections. I will perfect you! I will perfect what concerns you! I will do a PERFECT work in your life, for that is what I can do, and that is what I WILL

MY Perfect Will and Plan

Always surrender to My perfect will and plan for your life, says the LORD. You could not devise a better purpose than I have prescribed for your life. My higher thoughts and plans for you are superior to your greatest heart’s desire. When you submit to what I have desired for your life, you will be completely content, fulfilled and

Your Times and Seasons Are In My Hands

Excellence is how I perform, and I demand, says the LORD. Do you understand that I do all things well? ALL THINGS? Everything that I do is good, and I never have a do over, a makeover or need to start over. I never begin something without completing it. NEVER! I always have a perfect plan that will bring about

Be Patient

Patiently wait for Me to act on your behalf, says the LORD. I Am not sleeping. I Am aware, and actively engaged in your life. I Am not folding My hands, but I Am extending them toward you to give you everything that you need to overcome every trial and test and tribulation. Exercise your faith and trust in Me!