Forgiven, Cleansed and Accepted

I have forgiven all your sins and transgressions the moment you have asked Me to, and cleansed you from all unrighteousness, by My blood that was shed for you, says the LORD. I have NO record of them and have forgotten them. But I have kept a record of every time you have spoken My name, thought of Me, and prayed. It is written in My book as a permanent memorial. You will be rewarded, and I have committed to memory all your prayers, your thoughts toward Me and your praise. They have come up to Me as a sweet aroma, and are well received by Me. Do not dwell on your past sins and failures that I have forgotten, but dwell on Me. Live in My presence where there is fullness of joy. I have given you a garment of praise, clad you with My robe of righteousness, and garment of salvation. You are covered and clean in My sight, and acceptable to the Father, as I present you before Him in My righteousness and holiness that I have purchased for you on the cross. You are free from sin and condemnation, and sanctified and holy onto Me, says the LORD.

I will remember your prayers, and I will answer them, says the LORD. I cannot forget them, for they are ever before Me. I will not forget you, for you are always greatly beloved of Me. I loved you while you were lost in sin and gave My life for you, to redeem you and bring you into fellowship and friendship with Me. How much more will I pour out My love upon you as My beloved servant? You will not be banished from My presence, but accepted and cherished. Come boldly into My throne room of grace and stand before Me and receive the help that you need. My ears are OPEN to your prayers, and I love to hear the sound of your voice. You are Mine, and I rejoice over you and take great pleasure in you as My own, says the LORD.

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