I have created you for friendship and fellowship with Me, says the LORD. I Am a faithful friend, not like those you have had that were there for a season, and then gone. I will stand beside you at all times. When you look for help, look to ME! I will be your Counselor, and what I tell you will HELP you and never fail! I do not practice on you to make things perfect, for I do things right the first time. I cannot miss, so what I instruct you to do cannot fail either. Trust in MY JUDGMENT, rather than the opinions of others. For as your friend that is closer to you than a brother, I will give you wisdom that is beyond your years, understanding that is beyond your education, and make a way for you where there was no way, says the LORD.

I can create a door, not just open one, says the LORD. I Am unlimited in space and time and circumstances cannot trouble Me! Your concerns are small in comparison to all that I have created for time and eternity, so why do you even question My ability? I will do the astounding things that you could never imagine, and create and do NEW THINGS that go far beyond your greatest expectations. You cannot number the thoughts that I have toward you, and cannot measure My love. You are never alone, forsaken or without MY help. I Am not just standing by, but waiting for you to ASK. I will help you, uphold you, strengthen you and give you everything you need as your faithful friend, and you will not need to seek a second opinion or another solution, for Mine will work perfectly for you always, says the LORD.

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