Friendship Me, says the LORD. Fellowship with ME! I Am longing to have sweet communion with you. Come close to Me. Abandon yourself to Me and empty yourself out, so that I can fill you to capacity and overflowing with My Spirit and My joy. I will empower you and thrill you as you press into My presence and receive the deeper things that I have for you. GIVE ME YOUR TIME and Attention, and not the left overs of your life. For I want to be your first pursuit, not you’re a post script, says the LORD.

I desire intimacy with you, and you will know My thoughts and ways as I share MY HEART with you, when you draw close to Me, says the LORD. I will lavish My love on you, and give you everything that you desire, and MORE. I have sudden surprises for you that I have waiting for your discovery, as you bask in My presence. I will be your comforter and give you the peace that you long for, as you sit in My presence and enjoy Me, says the LORD.

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