Daily Devotional: Triumphant

Thank you, Lord, that the enemy will NOT be triumphant over me, but you will empower me to win every battle and every war. No weapons he poses against me will prosper. I will defeat the wicked one, cut him off, and be free from the oppression of the enemy. You will always cause me to triumph in you, and

Be Aware and Sensitive of My Presence

Be aware and sensitive of My presence in your life, says the LORD. For I Am a constant and not a variable. I Am with you always. Always MEANS always. When you are asleep, I am aware of you and awake, on task, working, watching, guarding, protecting, keeping you safe, and you are always secure in Me. When you are

Relax and Enjoy the Journey

I will strengthen, help, and uphold you with My Own righteous, holy hand, says the LORD. You will not fall nor fail, for I will keep you sure footed and steady on your feet. You can relax and enjoy the journey as you link up with Me, and cast your burdens and concerns onto Me. You will not have to

Mind Those Things That Are Above

My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are an open invitation for you to come up higher and change your own mindset, says the LORD. Do not wrap yourself in the things that you now see, hear, and the bad news that desires to absorb and dominate your own thoughts. I have given you MY MIND, and My

Daily Devotional: Peace, Rest, Sleep

,Thank you, Lord, that you give us sweet peace, and we can rest in you, knowing that you are with us, keeping us, blessing us. We can sleep peacefully, knowing that you are guarding us, keeping us safe, and all is well, because we are your children that you take care of meticulously and constantly. Amen.

My Inexhaustible Love, Grace and Mercy

You cannot ever exhaust the magnitude of My love, My grace, and My mercy for you, says the LORD. When you seek Me, you WILL FIND ME. I Am not hiding from you. You will not be cast out of My sight. I care about you, and long to have you near to Me. I want you to be blessed,

Daily Devotional: Peace

Thank you, Lord, for giving me peace in my present storm that surpasses my own understanding. I lean upon your infinite understanding, your meticulous care of Me, and trust that you will calm the storms that rage against me, quiet my fears, and give me ultimate please in my mind and heart, because I trust in you. Amen.

Blessings Upon Blessings

It is hard to believe that the year is nearly over. It has been year of growth, transition, alignment, shifting and Change. It has been a year of revival and GOD in our midst: a year of signs, wonders, healings, miracles and Holy Ghost power and presence. As I reflect the bumps in the road, the shifts without clutch, the

Daily Devotional: The GOD of Hope

Thank you, Lord, for giving me hope, because you are the GOD of hope. I know that you will not disappoint me as I put My trust in you and your infallible Word that brings me healing, deliverance, provision, and help. You will fill me with joy and peace in believing in you, as this living hope abounds by the

My Peace is Your Portion

My Peace is your portion in the Land of the living, says the LORD. It is independent of your circumstances and the challenges you encounter. It exceeds the attacks of the enemy and the violent storms of life that you face. Even the sudden storms cannot shake you or overwhelm you as you enter into Me. I Am your shelter,