Gift of Light

I Am your Father, the Father of all mercies, the Father of lights,says the LORD. I have birthed you into My family, because of your faith in My beloved Son, and the finished Work on the cross for you. You are MY beloved child. I purposed to redeem you. I purchased you, and brought you out of the prison of hopelessness, and given you eternal life. Your hope is founded upon your faith and trust in Me, and it is alive and everlasting, just as I have given you everlasting life, says the LORD.

Darkness and defeat are no longer a part of you, because I have translated you into My kingdom of light, says the LORD. Light is in you and surrounds you, and YOU ARE LIGHT! I have given you the gift of light that cannot be put out. I have planted you into the marvelous light of My kingdom, and you cannot be uprooted. Rejoice and be glad, for you have permanency in Me. I will make you a radiant beam of light in the dark regions of the earth that will draw others onto Me, and they will come alive in Me, and be taken out of dead and unproductive works to serve Me in My kingdom that is without end, says the LORD.

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