My grace for you is sufficient and abundant, says the LORD. You will have more than enough. I have given you the grace to do everything that you need to do in your destiny purposes. You will have sufficiency in all things, and nothing will be undone. You will be fully satisfied with all that I have for you, and nothing that I give you is done by merit. You cannot earn My favor, but I give everything to you freely, because of your faith and trust in Me, and My finished work on the cross for you. You need not beg Me for My grace, but trust and believe Me for it. For that is Who I AM and what I do and what I give! My pure and perfect love for you is what is the motivation of MY heart that gives foundation to every work of grace in your life that I bestow. Your faith activates everything that is appropriated for you. Just receive and enjoy the benefits that I daily load you with, says the LORD.

My compassion and mercy for you is enduring and daily renewable and inexhaustible, says the LORD. I will never be depleted and can never run out of favor for you, as you entrust your life and destiny to Me, says the LORD. Sufficient is sufficient, and that covers everything you need. Abundant is more than you will ever need. WHY NOT BELIEVE that I AM your ALL in ALL, and there is nothing that I will not grant you that you need? I love to lavish My children with GOOD things, and My Love is unchanging. You will not be able to understand My love for you, so just accept it. Receive it. Let Me embrace you and carry you and fill you with MY Spirit and power. RECEIVE the wealth that I have for you that is eternal and know that I have given you ETERNAL LIFE, and Eternal rewards await you for your faithfulness, and your joy will also be unimpeachable and full, says the LORD.

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