I Am Not Finished With You Yet

I Am not finished with you yet, says the Lord. It is not over. You are not a castaway, and I will not by-pass you. I have created you for My purposes that will unfold and be performed to the letter of what I have spoken, and what I have authored, I will complete. You have not arrived yet. I have reserved the best until last, and I have much more for you to do, says the Lord.

Do not consider your age, for I AM the ancient of days, the eternal one, and you will bear fruit in your old age, says the Lord. Do not consider your youth, for a little child will lead them. Do not look at your gender or your nationality. For with Me there is no male nor female, nor nationality, nor bond or free, nor rich or poor, and I will be glorified in the foolish things that confound the wise. I will use those who have been overlooked by others, those who seem the least likely to be chosen vessels and those that have been despised and rejected of men. They will come out of prison houses, out of obscurity, for they have a heart for Me, and they will be My chosen, peculiar people that will be greatly used of me, says the Lord.

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