Everything is EVERYTHING, and I Am your everything and all, says the LORD. There is NOTHING that is left out of what I have promised to give you, what I have covenanted to be for you, what I will do for you, and what I will do with you! I never back down on My Word, and you have everything you need as you believe Me to be your everything and all. EVERYTHING IS COVERED, says the LORD.

I Am not looking for a way to back out of a contract with you or looking for a loop hole so that I Am not bound to fulfill My covenant with you, says the LORD. I Am a covenant keeper. I fulfill My promises. I never lie or tell you that I will do something that I have NO intentions of doing. I do not give you hope just to take it away, for though others have failed you and flattered you with empty words, I have not and will not do that! I will fulfill My good word and work that I have begun in you, and use you for My glory, as I give you everything that you need to complete every assignment that I have authored you to do, and you will be furnished and fulfilled as you walk hand in hand, wholeheartedly with Me, says the LORD.

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