I Do All Things Well

Well is well, says the LORD. I do all things well. All things. That means that everything I do, I do it well. I do it perfectly. I do it right. I do it wisely. I am a Wise MASTER BUILDER, and I do not make mistakes. I want you to be WELL. I have created you to be well and strong, not infirmed and weak. I will strengthen and help you, not weaken and afflict you. I Am the GOD that heals you, and not the one who sickens you. The enemy is a liar, and when He tells you I have brought you harm, you must not listen to him. He is the one who came to steal, kill, destroy, impoverish, and trouble you on every side. I stand alongside to HELP YOU, says the LORD.

I cannot do anything that is NOT WELL, says the LORD. What I created, I said it was GOOD. GOOD is My will. GOOD is My work. GOOD are my thoughts and plans for you, to multiply you, not divide you. TO heal and deliver you, not to afflict and imprison you. I have given you life, not death, abundance and not deficits. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH for you, and you will be blessed and furnished unto every good work in Me, for I have ordained that My goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, and you will dwell in My house forever, because you belong t ME, says the LORD.

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