Daily Devotional: It Shall Be Well for the Righteous

Thank you, Lord, that it shall be well with us, because you have made us righteous, by our faith in you as our personal Savior and LORD. You will reward us in the land of the living because we are followers of you, and are your servants. Thank you for giving your life for us, and granting us not only

There is Nothing Too Big or Small for Me

Since I Am the One who has numbered the hairs on your head and recorded all your parts in My book, is there anything about you that is too small for Me to handle? There is nothing to big or too small for Me, says the LORD. As you partner with Me, you will KNOW that I Am concerned with

Daily Devotional: Prosperous and Healthy

Lord, we thank you that you lavish your love upon us, and we are blessed. Even as we desire our loved ones to be prosperous and healthy, you want us be provisioned and completely well. You paid the price for our healing and salvation, and we look to you for healing and deliverance, wellness and wholeness, and that you will

Daily Devotional: It Shall Be Well

Thank you, Lord, that our righteousness is in you, because you have cleansed us by your own blood. No matter what the problem or threat, it shall be well with us, and we shall have good results from our good work that we do. We trust in your help and constant care as we do our part to fulfill our

I Do All Things Well

I do all thing well, says the LORD. Everything that I do for you is perfectly well, on time and I Am always on task. I cannot make any mistakes, so be assured that you are always in My care, and I Am aware of you and every need that you have. I hear your prayers. I know the cry

I Do All Things Well

Well is well, says the LORD. I do all things well. All things. That means that everything I do, I do it well. I do it perfectly. I do it right. I do it wisely. I am a Wise MASTER BUILDER, and I do not make mistakes. I want you to be WELL. I have created you to be well

All is Well!

As soon as you decide to allow Me to bear the concerns that cause you to lose sleep, become anxious and fret, I will take them and give you peace and rest for your soul, says the LORD. You can bear them yourself or you can relinquish them to Me. CHOOSE to entrust Me with the care of them and

I Will Perfect You

I do all things well, says the LORD, and all I do for you and in you and through you will be well. I can do no less, for all My Works were finished before the foundation of the earth was laid, and all of them are perfect. There are no flaws in Me, and what I do is always