Be fearless and very courageous, says the LORD. You are not a target for the enemy to shoot at, so why be afraid, says the Lord. I Am your shield, and I AM your defense. I have made you a mighty warrior that is equipped with superior weapons that are greater than that of the evil one. I stand alongside to help you, and have given you MY OWN SWORD. I cannot be defeated and I have empowered you to tread upon devils. You never need to cower or back down, for compromise is not an option, says the LORD.

I have equipped you to conquer and overcome and you will never be outwitted by the threats and lies of the enemy, that wants you to run in terror. Stand firm and fight, for I Am with you to overwhelm the enemy and destroy his diabolical works. I Am the greater one that is in you and I cannot be defeated. There is no power that can conquer Me, and none that can conquer you. Use the weapons that I have given you and put on My armor. It is perfect fit, and I have taught your hands to war. You are armed and dangerous to the enemy, and you will always be able to run resistance against him and his works, gain new territory for My kingdom and conquer the land, says the LORD.

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