Be Calm. Be Quiet. Be at Peace!

Peace is My prescription for you, says the LORD. I Am not the author of the chaos and the outrageous things that the enemy is planning are NOT of ME. My peace is what I have ordained for you, and even in the midst of the most hideous disruptions, you can be still and KNOW that I Am your GOD

Don’t Let Your Emotions Dictate

Take control of your emotions and do not let them dictate to you, says the LORD. Your feelings will betray you if you follow them. Follow what I have said and do not let the things that you see and feel and hear become your erroneous faith. Press beyond the things that are pushing you, shoving you, irritating you, distracting

Daily Devotional: TRIUMPHANT in Christ

Thank you, Lord, for always making us triumph in you. We are not defeated, but we are well able to overcome, because you are with us, in us, and our lives are a living example to others of the knowledge of your faithfulness and presence, as you give us the victory in every situation that we face in life. Amen

Daily Devotional: Confidence in GOD

Thank you, Lord, that we do not have to fear anything. When we have sudden, unexpected storms in life, we will overcome, for you are with us always, to keep us safe. Our enemies will not overtake us, for you are shielding us, helping us, securing us, and we can count on your faithful care at all times, as we

Daily Devotional: Overcoming

Thank you, Lord, that because you have given Me the NEW BIRTH when I received you as My personal Savior and Lord, I have your Spirit in Me that enables me to overcome. You give me the ultimate victory in every circumstance in life, and I will not lose the battle or the war, because you are with me, in

Be Quiet and Rest in My Presence

Be quiet and rest in My presence, says the LORD. For I Am in the midst of you. I Am in the midst of the storms that you are in and I will be present in the sudden storms that you did not even anticipate. I have it. I have you. I Am your place of security at all times,

Daily Devotional: Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption

Thank you, Lord, that because you live within our hearts by our faith in you, we have your wisdom, your righteousness, your sanctification and your redemption. We give you all the glory for these gifts of your grace, and entrust our lives to you, no matter what we face. You are with us, in us, surround us, and we will

You Are Not Bound, But Free in Me

I Am the One Who has liberated you, says the LORD. The walls have tumbled down. The prison doors have been unlocked. The chains have fallen to the ground. The fetters have been broken. There is light in the doors that I have opened for you. The gates of the city will not be barred, and you are not a

Daily Devotional: Love, Power, Soundness of Mind

Thank you, Lord, for quieting My fears. You have given Me soundness of Mind, as I listen to your Word, receive your unending, unimpeachable love, and you empower me in my life. I can overcome every obstacle, face every uncertainty, and withstand any storm in life, because of the calm assurance that I have as I place My trust in

Daily Devotional: GOD is Greater

Thank you, Lord, that you are the Greater One within Me, and I Am able to overcome the things that are endeavoring to assault me in my life. You are bigger than the problem, bigger than the tests and trials, and because you are within, I am stronger, and well equipped to not only endure, but to be triumphant, regardless