Do you understand that I treasure you? You are My precious child that I valued so much, that I gave My life for you, that I might bring you into close fellowship with Me and the Father. You cannot even begin to comprehend My love for you. You can never duplicate it and you cannot ever even love yourself like I LOVE YOU! You cannot see yourself like I see you. For I visualize you as a perfect work that I will present before the Father, that is faultless and priceless, says the LORD.

I have made you worthy to stand before the Father by my shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, and He is pleased with the gift of yourself that I offer Him. For you were created to have fellowship and friendship with the Father, and He rejoices over you as I do. As the king’s sons and daughters were clad in beautiful robes, so I have clad you with My robe of righteousness, My great salvation and garment of praise. You are beautifully arrayed in fine jewels and silver and gold. I have given you grace and glory. Do not underestimate My love for you and your value to Me. I will complete My good Work in you and give you everything that you need to complete your sojourn on earth, before you make that grand entrance into My Father’s house, says the LORD.

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