You Are Never Alone

Your own mother and father may abandon you, abuse you, forget you and you may feel unloved and forsaken, but that will never happen with Me, says the LORD. I Am your everlasting Father! I will NEVER forget you. I will not abandon you. I will NOT abuse you, and I will never disappoint you. I love you with an

I Have My Eyes on You

I have my eyes on you, says the LORD. I know the way that you take. You are precious and priceless to ME. I created you for MY PURPOSE and pleasure and your times and seasons are in MY HANDS that formed you. You are what you are by My grace. It is sufficient and abundant for you. I know

Precious in My Sight

You are precious in My sight, says the Lord, like a pearl of great price! I value you greatly. Those who belittle you and condemn you are coming against Me, says the Lord, for you are Mine, and I laid down My life for you! I have given unto you My best gifts, and I would not do that for