I Will Perform My Word

    Although the forces of darkness and evil are great, they cannot be compared to the forces of light and righteousness, says the LORD.  Evil cannot destroy My Works, but I will destroy the diabolical works of the enemy!  He has no power over Me, and the darkness will give way to My light.  I have made you righteous in Me, and I  have made you light.  You will not be overcome with evil, but you will overcome it with My goodness in you, says the LORD.

Do not fear what the enemy is saying, for he cannot carry out his plans, says the LORD.  I have given you a sure WORD, and it cannot be nullified or destroyed. I will fulfill every Word that I have spoken and it will be enforced.  For What I say, goes!  My Word is the authority, and there is no such thing as an override!  There are no veto rights and nothing can change My mind, My will or My Word. I will not compromise it, alter it or allow it to be bypassed.  For I will perform all My good word and work and no power can hold me back, says the LORD.


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