Life and Light Are in You

My life and My light are IN YOU, says the LORD. My healing power is in you! My Holy Spirit is in everyone Who has received Me as their Savior and Lord. My Spirit is life! My Word within you is a healing and delivering Word, that is already within you. Just believe in what I have already given you, for there is nothing that you need that is missing. I Am your All in All, and you are the temple of My Holy SPIRIT, says the LORD.

Speak and declare MY WORD, says the LORD. For I watch over MY WORD to perform it, and what you speak will come to pass, when you BELIEVE. My Word produces exactly what I said,,and it is the Word of LIFE. When you choose Me, you choose life. When you choose My Word, you choose what I have already given you, and you will know the power of My presence of life, and have the demonstration of My powerful WORD, as you trust in the finished work on the cross, and stand in unwavering faith in My Word that will work for you, says the LORD.

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