etI will make you to forget the pain of your past as I pour out new life and create new things for you, says the LORD.  For what you lost will not be significant compared to the blessings that I will pour out into you.  For your loss, you will gain.  For your mourning, you will rejoice.  The new will be better than the old and your suffering will not be in vain, says the LORD.

I will make you new as well, says the LORD.  You will not want to look back, for the former things will be meaningless to you, as you embrace that which I will give you.  Change is on the way, and you will again be filled with laughter, as I wipe your tears away, renew your hope, give you new dreams, and take you in a new direction that will give you fulfillment and satisfaction.  You will not be empty, but fat and full of my blessings, and you will  be lighthearted and sing for joy again, says the LORD.


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