Blessings Beyond Imagination

I Am everything that you need Me to be for you, and much more, says the LORD. I Am your leader and your guide. Your steps are ordered by Me, as I prepare for every one of them. I have cleared the path ahead of you, for you to take. I have made the way bright and fulfilling. You need

Choose to Serve Me

Choose to serve Me this day and choose ME this day, says the LORD, for it is a new day and a new time of declaration. Decree that there is no other one for you. Decree that there is no other voice that will speak. Declare that I Am your source, and in control of all things. Abandon yourself to

I Am the One

Your destiny is in My hands, says the LORD.  I Am the One Who purposes. I Am the ONE who authors.  I Am the One Who is in charge of every purpose under the sun. I Am the ONE who fulfills all that I decree and My purposes will unfold.  Your times are in MY Hands. Every season is in MY