My Grace is Always Sufficient for You

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My grace is always sufficient for you, says the LORD.  You will never have a deficit of it.  No matter what you face, you will have My unmerited favor that rests upon you.  You need nothing else than My presence and power to overcome every obstacle, remove every barrier that stands in the way, knock down every wall and weather every storm.  Nothing is greater than My grace for you, as you receive it freely through exercising the faith and trust in Me that I have GIVEN YOU, says the LORD.

You are not faithless, for I have given you the measure of faith to use, that cannot be empty or unproductive, says the LORD.  As you walk by My faith that I have given you, you will not be controlled by circumstances that will change.  The on slot of the enemy and his devices will not control you, change you, alter you or cause you to be destroyed. I have given you the power of My SPIRIT as a gift of My grace, and you will overcome every evil as My grace has given you the access to every unspeakable gift of My Spirit and My power that enables you to stand against the evil one and defeat every enemy that comes against you, by My grace and mighty power invested in you, says the LORD.

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