My Light Cannot Be Put Out

My light cannot be put out, but it will put out the darkness around it, says the LORD. My light is in you! Let it shine so that others can some to MY LIGHT! I will then put out the darkness in their lives as I HAVE put it out in yours. I have taken you OUT of the diabolical kingdom of darkness and translated you into My kingdom of light that wherein there is NO darkness at all, says the LORD.

Do not say that you are in the dark about anything, says the LORD. Didn’t I say that I Am a lamp onto your feet and a light onto your path? I will give you a well lit path to walk on so that you do not stumble nor fall. If the way is not clear, stand STILL, and wait for My light to shine. You are not to just move because of impatience or someone compelling you to DO SOMETHING. I will lead and guide you continually, and always give you an answer of peace, bring you into the very place that I have ordained for you, and will DIRECT every step of the way, says the LORD.

Your faith and trust in Me does not mean that you move in darkness, but light, says the LORD. My Word is LIGHT. As you obey My voice, how can you ever stumble and fall? You will not! Believe that I Am with you, ordering your steps, and showing you the way that will bring you into your destiny purpose, as I have proclaimed that you would do, as you walk with Me in the LIGHT that I have provided for you by My Spirit, says the LORD.

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