You will overcome your fears by trusting in My perfect love for you, says the LORD. Your love for ME is not the question. My love for you is what you sometimes question when you are troubled on every side. Trusting Me at all times requires your faith in not only My presence with you that is infallible, but My unimpeachable love for you that cannot fail. My love for you is an action, not just a Word. I Am perfect, and I Am Love. I Am the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL, and there is nothing in Me but pure, unfeigned love for you, says the LORD.

Because I have set My love upon you, I will be with you in trouble, to bring you out of it, says the LORD. Because I love you perfectly and completely, there is noting that can change My love for you. My love is merciful, gracious and kind. My love is patient and enduring. My care for you is consistent, and the fiery trials and furnace of affliction cannot put out the fire of My love for you. It is unquenchable, and I will be with you in the furnace of affliction, deliver you and bring you to a place of safety and promotion. NEVER DOUBT MY LOVE for you, for all that I will do for you is out of My unimpeachable, complete and perfect LOVE for YOU AT ALL TIMES, says the LORD.

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