I have given you eternal life, says the LORD. You are in My kingdom that has NO END! Stop evaluating things according to time and see the big picture. Let your eyes behold that which is forever, and do not think that your time is up. For eternity is eternity. Everlasting life has no time frame. I have planted you in My kingdom, and given you life that will not end, light that cannot be dimmed, and the Fire of My love that cannot be extinguished, says the LORD.

Your labor for Me will not be forgotten, says the LORD. You will not be forgotten! I have inscribed your name in My book of life, because of your trust in Me and MY finished Work on the cross. I have placed you in My own family and given you a position that is fixed! You cannot be plucked out of My hands that have formed you, and your works will be revealed and rewarded, not for a moment or a time, or a season, but forever, says the LORD.

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