Press Forward

Don’t try to dig through the ash heap of your life to find something that you can salvage, clean up and use again, says the LORD. You have much better things that lie ahead, than to waste you time and energy on what was. Go for the gold, and forget the tarnished, the charred, the blemished, the tainted. Do not bemoan the lost opportunities or fix your attention on what should have been, could have been if only it would have been, for you are not there any more and what is a loss to you will not stop you from what you will gain, if you will forget those things that are behind you, and press FORWARD to the Mark of the prize of the high calling in Me, says the LORD.

The prize is before you, not in the ashes of the past, says the LORD. Let those things be trampled under your feet as NOTHING. For they are NOTHING compared to My glory to come! You cannot live in the cemetery or crematory. Don’t celebrate death, and do not wallow in grief and regrets. For that only adds to the ash heap, and you are called to have BEAUTY in exchange for the ashes, and My oil of JOY for your mourning. As long as you keep the ashes, you cannot have the beauty that you will only behold as you give them up and leave them BEHIND! Let the dead bury the dead and live again! For I have given you a NEW DAY, with NEW things that are unmarred, spotless, and perfect gifts from Me that you will discover, as YOU PRESS FORWARD! There is a prize, and the price is your pressing forward! The rest is FREE, for your decision to go in the new direction will determine the prize that you will receive that will WOW you, if you will hear Me now, and obey, says the LORD.

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