Get up and Get Moving

I have not called you to be a cheer leader as you watch others engage in My kingdom and do My work, says the LORD. Get up and get moving in the direction that I have already called you to do. For you are valuable to Me, and I have assigned you to duty. I have fully equipped you and

Called You for Purpose

I did not put you on the bench to observe and be a cheer leader but have called you for purpose and will empower you and activate you to new heights of My glory by My grace, says the LORD. Look to the new of the new and shake off the old. For as a snake sheds the old skin,

I Will Perfect You

I will perfect that which concerns you, says the LORD. I will perfect you! I never do anything half way. I never have an incomplete or an oops! There is never any delays or denials or distractions with ME, for I Am always on time and on task in your life and the lives of those that you have entrusted