I will rain down signs, wonders, miracles, deliverance and healing by My Spirit and astound you, says the LORD. For I have unlimited power, and I will put myself on display. You cannot bind Me or put Me in a box. I Am not a form or formula that can be duplicated, but I am matchless in power and glory. I Am greater than any other power, and I will do great and mighty things beyond your ability to comprehend. You will know that I Am the Sovereign, the supreme, and I Am the HIGHEST, by not only what I have said, but what I will DO, says the Lord.

My glory will be revealed and unsurpassed, says the LORD. I will not have a powerless church, and a spotted and wrinkled and blemished bride is not who you will be. For I will sanctify My church, My chosen ones, and I will beautify them with My holiness and baptize them in My Spirit and the light of My glory. They will shine brightly and not blend in the worldly culture but put out the darkness around them. They are My called out, chosen remnant that will bring in the harvest. For I will be glorified in them, and they will do great feats for Me and My kingdom that will bring glory and honor to MY great Name, says the LORD.

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