Soar Above the Cares of Your Life

I have given you an imagination for a purpose, says the LORD. It is not for evil, but good. Cast down the negative images and thoughts that only cause you to fear and tremble, and imagine GOOD things! Think BIG, for you will go in the direction of your thoughts. You cannot think bigger than Me or beyond Me, for My thoughts and ways are higher than yours, and I will give you more than you can ask or think or imagine, says the LORD.

Soar now above the cares of this life, says the LORD. Ascend to new heights of My glory, as you come into My presence and press into My glory. You will gain new vision and I will show you things to come. You will be filled with My presence where you will have exceeding joy. Believe in the things that are impossible to you, and imaging them being done. For I will do even greater things than you can imagine, and I will exceed your greatest imaginations, and give you great pleasure in My presence, says the LORD.

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