Mind Those Things That Are Above

My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are an open invitation for you to come up higher and change your own mindset, says the LORD. Do not wrap yourself in the things that you now see, hear, and the bad news that desires to absorb and dominate your own thoughts. I have given you MY MIND, and My

Daily Devotional: Every Good Gift Comes From God

We thank you, Lord, that you are the source of every good thing that we have been given, and all that you have done for us is perfect. You never change from day to day, and what you have done for us in the past, you will do again and again, because you are consistent in your love, your presence,

Daily Devotional: Exceedingly Abundantly Above

We thank you Lord, that you are able to do greater things for us than we can ever ask, ever pray for,, ever think or even imagine! We entrust our entire being onto you, knowing that you will do greater things for us than we could ever anticipate, exceed our highest expectations and give us us am outpouring of blessings

Soar Above the Cares of Your Life

I have given you an imagination for a purpose, says the LORD. It is not for evil, but good. Cast down the negative images and thoughts that only cause you to fear and tremble, and imagine GOOD things! Think BIG, for you will go in the direction of your thoughts. You cannot think bigger than Me or beyond Me, for