My Word is penetrating and powerful, says the LORD.  It is never dormant and unproductive.  Stand on My Word, and let it be your focus.  For My Word is My Work, and My Work is My Will, and My higher ways all align and cannot be separated.  The words of man will fail and not produce anything, regardless of how stout they are. The enemy will blast out threatening words, but he cannot create or make anything happen.  But My Word is a sword and a fire.  I will destroy the works of the devil and cast out demons with the Word. I create with My Word.  I heal and deliver with My Word, for it is a penetrating sword that pierces through the diabolical assignments and looses the prisoners and cuts then free, says the Lord

My Word is dependable, and unchangeable, but it will change you. It will change your circumstances. It will change things.  Believe in My infallible Word, for it is life-giving, healing, delivering, saving, providing, and always powerful for you.  It will accomplish exactly what I sent it to do, and give you light on the path that you are to walk on, and that path will lead you into your own personal promised land of blessings, as you place your trust in Me and My Word, for My promises are yes and accomplished for those who  believe. says the LORD.

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