Attend Unto My Word and it Will Become You

Attend unto My Word, and it will BECOME you, says the LORD. For as you feast on My Word, you will become fat and full of My bread of life that will more than sustain you. You will be full of blessings, contentment, and furnished unto every good work that I have ordained for your life. I AM your life,

I Am REAL, and My Words Are Infallible

I Am not the figment of someone’s imagination, or a fantasy, says the LORD. I was not formed and formulated by the creations of anyone. I Am not a false illusion. I Am not just a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I Am real! My WORD is infallible. I cannot be altered by the whims and wishes

I Will Perform My Word

I have already decreed everything over you that needs to be decreed, and all My Words will come to pass, says the LORD. My Words will not fall to the ground. They will not be unproductive. They will not be empty promises or unfulfilled dreams. My vision, My Words, My thoughts and plans will be implemented to the very smallest

Daily Devotional: Favor

Thank you, Lord, that as we listen to your Word, we are blessed every day of our lives. There is life, healing and deliverance in you and your living Word that becomes our tangible reality. As we seek and find you, and place our trust in you at all times, we receive your gift of abundant LIFE, favor and grace.

Declare My Word Into Your Situations

Declare My powerful, penetrating, life-giving, infallible Word into every one of your situations, and watch Me perform it in every time, says the LORD. My Word is not hit and miss, or guess work. KNOW what you believe, and speak it boldly, confidently, and refuse to bow, bend and kneel to your difficult circumstances. They will bow to you, as

Daily Devotional: Your Word Will Work Wonders

Thank you, Lord, that we have heard your Word, and it s not the mere words of man, but your holy, infallible Word. WE have received it as the truth, and are believers. Your Word will work wonders in our lives, as you sanctify us, save us, heal us and bring us deliverance as we place and trust trust in

There is NO Breach of Promise with Me

There is no breach of promise with ME, says the LORD. I will fulfill them, completely and perfectly, as you believe and receive the ingrafted Word that I have given you in your heart and life. All will become a tangible reality for you. For there is power in My Word, and power in your faith that refuses to cower

Daily Devotional: God’s Word Heals

Lord, I thank you for your powerful Word that brings healing to me as well as those I ask you to touch by your mighty power. I Am not worthy of your presence or the least of your benefits that you give me daily, but thank you that you are with Me always, as My healer, deliverer, caregiver, provider, helper,

Plant Your Seed Into Your Miracle

The seed of faith that you have cannot remain a mere seed, says the LORD. Though it seems so tiny, once it is planted, it will expand and grow. You can plant your seed into your miracle, and watch it begin to sprout and grow. It will bud and blossom and bear fruit to maturity, until you receive exactly what

Daily Devotional: Healing and Deliverance

Thank you, Lord, that you never change! Your Word is unimpeachable, timely, powerful and healing. What you did for others, you will do for ME, as I trust you as My healer. You will carry my infirmities and pain away, and heal me of every sickness and disease. You will heal the wounds of my heart and life as I