Steadfast, Enduring Faith

Wishing does not hasten your miracle, but your patient faith and trust in Me will bring it to pass, says the LORD. It is not according to your ability to make things happen or your longing for change, but your steadfast, enduring, confident, relentless faith in Me to do what you and no other power can do. Do not waver when you see the opposite happening. Do not quit when things seem to be worse. Contrary winds of adversity are NOT the proof of denial and they are not able to keep you from receiving the miracle that you desire as you patiently hold onto My unfailing hand, and refuse to quit, says the LORD.

I never told you to be strong in yourself and the power of your might, says the LORD. I told you to be strong in ME. I never told you to trust in yourself and others, but to trust in Me at all times. I Am the One Who can change times and seasons, and I will make a way for you where there is none. I will create the door, and you will go through it, as I take you by the hand and walk with you into the light of a new day that I have given you, with renewed vitality, fresh faith, restored comforts and restored vision. You will rejoice in My goodness and mercy for you and will not be disappointed that you have waited on Me to act for you, says the LORD.

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