I have not forgotten you, says the LORD. This is your time of visitation! I will remember your prayers. I will remember your sacrifices. I will remember your alms that you have given. I will remember your tears. I will remember your labor of love. I will remember your faithfulness and dedication. I will remember your good works, and I will remember YOU, says the LORD.

The things that you have done in secret will be rewarded openly, says the LORD. THIS IS YOUR TIME! THIS is a time of refreshing, a time of renewal, a time of blessing, and a time for you to rejoice and be exceedingly filled with gladness. You will enjoy the harvest of good things, and I will fully satisfy you with the longing of your soul, and you will REJOICE in ME, who has taken notice of you, and blessed you with unspeakable blessings that cannot be taken away from you, says the LORD.

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