Hear and Answer Your Prayers

It is My desire and pleasure to hear and answer your prayers, says the LORD. I have invited you to come into My presence and enjoy intimate friendship and fellowship with Me. I created you for this very purpose. I did not want you to ever be estranged from Me, for you are precious to Me. I love to endow

Cry of Your Heart

I have heard the cry of your heart, seen and collected your tears and know the anguish your soul. I have heard your prayers and know your desperation. I will answer, on time. I will not delay. I will fight for you, for the battle is always Mine, because you belong to Me. Did you think that you would be

I Will Answer

I have heard your prayers and seen your tears and I will answer every one of them, says the LORD. I have not been ignorant of the desires of your heart, and will never ignore you or abandon you. I will not withhold anything good from you. You are valued by Me always. I only have good things in store

Your Prayers Avail Much

Prayer Request

Your prayers avail much, says the Lord. Do not get discouraged. I hear every word that you speak. I scan your very heart and see every desire! I even know your very silent thoughts that are upon Me, and I record everyone of them. I will answer your prayers and meet your needs. I Am pleased with your selfless requests