This is the time of refreshing for you, says the LORD. I will pour out M Spirit and My fire and ignite you and excite you and thrill you and fill you to capacity and overflowing, as you come nigh onto Me. You will be revived, restored and renewed just as you have longed for! Do not think that this season is not at hand, for now is the time for you to embrace the spiritual blessings that you have sought Me for! Now is the time for you to excel in the realm of My glory, as I rain down My power and refresh you again, says the LORD.

Those who have longed for Me, and have pursued Me wholeheartedly, will not be disappointed, says the LORD. For I will give you MORE than you sought Me for, More than you though possible, and empower you to excel in your kingdom purpose, as I have called you to labor in My field. You will rejoice in the harvest and sing the songs of the reaper and soon forget the many tears that you shed in the plowing, sowing and cultivating through the heat of many days. This is your time and season to rejoice, says the Lord, for the time of refreshing is at hand.

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