I Will Heal and Restore

I will heal your wounds, and give you more than enough, as I restore your soul, says the Lord. Nothing that you have suffered is in vain, for I will give you double for all your trouble. I will restore the things that have been violently stolen from you by the enemy, and I will bless you. You need not

Greater Works Are Coming!

I Am wonderful to you, says the Lord. WONDERFUL! I do great wonders, and will do even greater things in the midst of you. For I will put Myself on display as I pour out My Spirit and rain down My glory. You will KNOW that I Am the Almighty, as I astound you in all that I do. You

Daily Renewed

I will renew your strength as you wait upon Me, says the LORD. I will restore you as you entrust Me with your care. I will energize you and give you vitality. You will be empowered to do everything that you need to do, as I strengthen you, uphold you and fill you with new life. You need not become

Multiplied Blessings

I will multiply your blessings and not subtract from you, says the LORD.  For I do not extract from you, but add. I  will not divide you and what I have given you in order to multiply you and your substance, as some naysayers may suggest. That is not of Me.  I do not cut you in pieces so that

I Will Restore Life

I will restore life onto you, says the Lord and renew you in Me as you stand upon My infallible WORD in simple, unwavering faith, says the LORD. Let My Word be in your mouth. Let it arise in You and be spoken as you believe what I have said over the circumstances that are vying for your attention and

Clarity of Your Purpose

New clarity of your purpose is unfolding in this season, says the LORD.  I Am bringing the fragmented areas of your life together that have been isolated and disconnected to perfectly fit into your purpose. You have many areas that in themselves do not make sense.  They seem to be a waste of time and only created distractions and delays. But as I

Brand New Day

Do not let your disappointments hinder your faith or taint your vision, says the Lord.  Yes, let the past go!  It is GONE!   There are no redo options.  You cannot control what others did or said or how they acted.  Do not frustrate yourself with regrets about the yesterdays.  Each challenge was part of the training process that has made YOU better.  Forgive,